Asbestos Removals in Northampton

UK Asbestos is renowned and recognised Company specialising in asbestos removals in Northampton. Our seasoned crew of experts is trained and is a member of the ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors’ Association). We can assure a completely safe removal of hazardous asbestos and offer you a stress-free service. Our team makes sure that every element of the asbestos are removed from the property of the clients in a scientific way. Our experts are stringent to follow the protocols of safety while handling the task of Asbestos Removals in Northampton. We are asbestos removal license holders issued by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) which bounds us to retain the highest standards of service at all times. We have rock-solid experience in serving various types of clients and handling a variety of structures and sensitive environments. We are focused to recruit skilled professionals avidly experienced in the removal of Asbestos in Northampton so that we can have a prolific team who strives hard for client satisfaction.

UK Asbestos has delivered successful results to a plethora of organisations like Housing Estates, Bridges, Schools, Government buildings, Universities, Hospitals, Industrial Estates, Chemical plants, Tower Blocks, Nuclear Power plants, Oil and gas refineries and Car parks. We work independently and can provide the necessary certifications including reoccupation documentation for our client’s record keeping. Regardless of the size of the work, we tackle every project of asbestos removals in Northampton with equal sincerity. We work hard for surpassing the expectations of the clients. With UK Asbestos, you will get what you pay for. Apart from the removal of Asbestos in Northampton, we also offer a wide range of services like demolition, deconstruction, decommissioning, contaminated land remediation and site clearance services. We take special precautions while disposing of the waste asbestos and we use only certified landfills for the purpose. If you are looking for authorised Asbestos Removals Northampton, then call us on 01604 556 557.


UK Asbestos

We, UK Asbestos are one of the best asbestos removals in Northampton. Our objective is to provide safety to you and your family by removing asbestos. With time asbestos decays due to heavy rain and sun. When asbestos starts decaying it becomes dangerous for the people who are staying in the houses.

We have the best people for Asbestos Removals Northampton who makes sure that the process remains safe for the people. We follow proper safety measures so that no casualty occurs. Our team is well-equipped and that is the reason removal becomes easier.

We are one of the reliable Asbestos Services in Northampton as we are easy to reach. If you contact us, we revert back to you within 24 hours. No matter whether it is commercial property or residential we work for both of the properties. The best part of our service is that it is affordable.



  • Asbestos Removals

    UK-Asbestos always work to high standards. We specialise in asbestos removal in various properties from commercial buildings to the smallest asbestos garages. Every asbestos removal project is closely managed, always adopting the best industry and HSE approved practice and complies entirely with current legislation.

  • Asbestos Surveys

    An Asbestos survey is undertaken to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any asbestos-containing materials, which could be disturbed during a building’s everyday use. Floors, walls and ceilings are checked along with all other surfaces.

  • Asbestos Collection

    We operate a commercial and domestic asbestos waste collection and disposal service throughout the UK. We collect all types of asbestos and securely transport the hazardous waste to a licensed landfill resource facility.